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Michael Rodriguez

Branch Manager

8945 W Russel Road, Suite 210

Las Vegas, NV 89148

NMLS 391049

Office Phone: 702-269-4324
Cell Phone: 702-845-5778
Fax: 877-559-9639


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People often ask, how did you get into this business? Like most Loan Consultants, I didnít grow up dreaming about the mortgage industry, I fell into it. What keeps me passionate is that I know I make a difference to you and others in our community.

We all know that besides food and water, having shelter is one of the necessities in life. Since becoming a Loan Consultant, Iíve seen what a big impact home ownership has on peoples lives. I have personally seen how home ownership shifts a person into taking pride in their community. Home ownership contributes to the foundation of a strong family, community, and is an investment for your future. Every day I enjoy the gift of helping others and having the opportunity to create positive change in our community.